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The Purple Pig Company has been providing educational farm animal visits to schools and animal therapy visits to care homes since 2011.  I operate under the farm guidelines from Defra with a performing animal movement licence and East Riding of Yorkshire Council animal welfare licence AA8244979

DBS Enhanced Certificate 

Public Liability Insured

How I got the name 'Purple Pig' 

I have kept and bred kune kune pigs for many years and sitting in the barn waiting for some piglets to be born I said to my daughter who was 4 at the time that I was hoping for some spotty ones this time.  Her answer was that she was wishing for a purple one! We are still waiting for a purple one to be born on the farm so don't be too disappointed when one doesn't attend.

All the animals kept here are part of our family and live a very happy life doing what comes natural to them, with accommodation, enrichment and space to their requirements.  Through training and spending lots of time with the animals I know if they are suited to attend visits.  Occasionally some do show signs of not enjoying the attention, these animals are not made to work and spend their days doing what they do enjoy, out of the limelight.




Give us a call:
07727 845697

In The



Dark mornings and a chill in the air means breeding programs are being put into place for next years new arrivals

16th September 2022

Care Home Visits

This time of year inside visits are recommended so the residences get the most out of the visit

School Visits

The time of year on the curriculum to study nocturnal and hibernating animals

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