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Shows and Fetes

Animals always bring a crowd

I bring everything I need to care for the animals for the duration of the event and clean up fully after taking all waste with me.  Gazebos are erected to protect against the weather. 

A handwashing unit and sanitising gel is provided along with health and safety signage. 



Farm Animals

A range of farm animals and smaller fluffy animals displayed within barriers and pens which enables the public to pet the animals but also allows the animals to move away if they so wish.  Suitable for large numbers of visitors.

Angora March 2015.jpg

Small Animals

This visit is for the small animals only which can be transported without the need for a trailer.  Suitable for small events. The animals can be suited to follow a theme.

Small and fluffy


Bugs and reptiles

Knight and unicorn.jpg


Miniature or shetland pony decorated to a theme for people to pet and have photos with.  Includes dressing up accessories e.g. unicorn, knight or cowboy

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