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Care Home Visits

Interacting with animals has been shown to reduce stress and lower blood pressure, reduce loneliness and boost your mood. Animal visits can also help with people who are missing their own pets or who have never experienced the more unusual animals. The visits can prompt conversations and memories as well as offering comfort.

Piglets feb 2015a.jpg

Farm Animals

A range of farm animals are displayed within barriers/pens.  Animals that normally attend are calf,pigs,lambs or goats, chickens, ducks and rabbits. Ideal for spring or summer in your garden area.  The residents can spend time observing and petting the animals.  If there are people that cannot access outside, I can carry the smaller animals inside, so they do not miss out on the experience


Small Animal Visits

The animals and equipment are transported in a vehicle, these activities are suitable for inside, all year round.  One type animal set up for display in the middle of the sitting room for people to observe and smaller animals in carry cases that can be taken out one at a time and taken round for people to meet.

Main display is seasonal

example Spring:Lambs


Trolley Visit

Ideal for when residents cannot get out of bed, this visit is total mobile on a trolley to take all over the home. The small animals can then be taken out for a cuddle in each room.

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