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Party Time

Making your animal wish come true

I can bring the animals to your home or a village hall for a unique birthday experience. I have children and know how important it is to make memories while they are young so will work with you to make a package to suit you.  Animals are not just for children, and I can attend special events, family get togethers or weddings. The visit can be suited to a theme or a favourite book.

Some examples of parties I have attended: 

  • Princess party

  • Peter rabbit

  • Gruffalo

  • Harry Potter

  • Halloween




Farm Animals

Full selection of farm animals plus smaller animals normally set up outside.  The animals are transported in a large vehicle and trailer so please check you have space, and it is legal to park this at the venue. The animals are set up within barriers and pens and do not free roam your venue.

I cannot attend with farm animals if other farm animals are on site.


Small Animals

Small animals that are brought in appropriate carry cases and taken out in turn for petting. Party itinerary is flexible depending on what the children want to see and how much they want to talk about each animal (I will aim it at the age range).  Maximum recommended number of children is 15-20, the smaller the group the more time they get to spend with the animals


Pony Party

Miniature pony decorated to a theme for people to pet/groom and have photos with. A pen is set up for the pony to ensure safety at all times. Includes dressing up accessories eg fairy, cowboy/girl, knights.

The ponies are transported in a trailer with a large vehicle so please ensure safe parking and unloading space in available and legal.


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